What to do

Our region has a lot to offer. Great outdoor swimming-pools, beautiful lakes, tennis courses, wine cellars, lovely traditions and a lot of museums. In the surrounding area, you will find a nice variety of outdoor activities to keep you busy all days… if that´s what you wish!

The choice is all yours: biking, jogging or hiking. Our region offers all the facilities you will need. And the biking road along the Adige River, extending from Resia Pass to Verona, drives right past our house.

Active vacation

For hikers, we have programs and information available on tours in the surrounding area: through vineyards and orchards, along the ancient water channels of Merano, in the beautiful Dolomites, in the Bletterbach gorge…

Last but not least, bikers are also very welcome in our house. Hotel Heide is a perfect starting point for motorbike tours in the Dolomites, in the Trentino region and as far as Lake Garda (less than one hour away).

Blooming South Tyrol

Spring and Easter concerts, various types of wine-related events, Maypole celebrations, and other parties hosted on the Alpine meadows are to celebrate the upcoming summer.

But spring also means asparagus time!  From April to the end of May you won´t want to miss the culinary delights fashioned around fresh local asparagus.

Greeting the Summer

Spending your summer vacation in South Tyrol means you will have countless options for outdoor activites in the beautiful surrounding nature.  But you can of course choose between an active vacation or a relaxing one… or even a mix of both.

Autumn & the Harvest Time

And, of course, it is also time for a new year of South Tyrolean wines! Twenty-five different varieties of grapes are grown in the surrounding fields, on only 5,000 hectares of land.  South Tyrol provides a beautiful experience in autumn too. A must-see and a must-taste!

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